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How-to: the Venice access fee
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Tortellini bolognesi
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Aquarium of Genoa
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Parco delle Maremma by horse, Tuscany
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Panoramic tour of Conero

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Marmore waterfalls
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Spaghetti alla Carbonara
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Costiera amalfitana
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How-to: the Venice access fee

All the non-local people over 16 years old must pay the access fee set by the Municipality of Venice in 5euros per day. Visitors who stay overnight in hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, who already pay the tourist tax are exempt. The objective of the tax is to discourage "hit and run" tourism on certain days of the year when the presence of visitors is very high. You can visit the ad-hoc portal to manage your booking and payment. The QRcode released to you will be useful to prove the payment of the access fee.

For more info visit the official website

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Festa di San Marco

The feast of San Marco in Venice is one of the most important celebrations of the city held every 25th April with events, parades and concerts. It is an ancient tradition linked to the historic piercing of the remains of San Marco, saint patron of the city, from the tomb of Alexandria of Egypt to La Serenissima. Legend wants that in the distant January 31 of 828 the remains of Marco were hidden between the meat and fruit considered impure by the Muslims who let it pass without too many checks.

For more info visit the official tourism website of Venice

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Tortellini bolognesi

The Tortellini bolognesi are a traditional recipe from Bologna, that consists of small squares of pasta filled with meat. They get served in hot soup or cream.

For more information visit their website

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Pizzeria Pirata di Cattolica

Managed for over 30 years by the pirate, guarding the entrance, Francesco, the renowned mustache orator, Maria, to the care of the kitchen and Claudia to the management of the room, this local offers tasty wood oven pizzas and an excellent variety of typical local dishes of both meat and fish as well, in via Milano a few steps from the sea.

For more info visit the offical website

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Zoo Safari di Ravennna

For more information visit the offical website

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Italia in miniatura

It is a thematic park located in the municipality of Rimini, in the Viserbella district. The park area houses over 270 scale reproductions of Italian monuments, churches and squares and is immersed in a natural landscape consisting of five thousand true dwarf trees. In addition to numerous mechanical attractions and live shows, it is possible to take a tour of the most famous monuments of Europe or board a gondola to discover a small miniature Venice.

For more information visit the offical website

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Aquarium of Genoa

It is located in Porto Antico of Genoa and it is one of the biggest aquarium of Europe. The 2 hours and 45 minutes path include 43 pools with more then 400 species of animals. Special guests of the 2 views pools are the manatees, the sharks, the seals and the penguins.

For more info visit the official website

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Cinque Terre by ferry boat

A ride by ferry boat in the Cinque Terre is one of the best ways to discover this beautiful coast. Take one-day roundtrip ticket valid from Portovenere or La Spezia that allows you to take unlimited ferries and hop on and off when you like.

For more info visit the cinque terre website

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Parco delle Maremma by horse, Tuscany

Carrozze in Maremma is based inside the Parco della Maremma (Maremma Park, Alberese) where every day it is possible to take horse-pace routes in the most unusual, wilde and fascinating places. Each itinerary will be guided by Enrico Cheli, Environmental Equestrian Guide, who will show you the area of ​​Maremma, its history, its flora and its fauna.

For more info visit the official website of Carrozze in Maremma

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Palio di Siena

The Palio di Siena is an equestrian competition of medieval origins played among the seventeen "contrade" of Siena and that normally takes place twice a year: on 2nd July, in honor of the Madonna di Provenzano and on 16th August, in honor of the Madonna Assunta.

For more information visit the official website website

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Punta Ala, the seaside resort of Grosseto

Punta Ala is peninsular lemb of land at the north of Grosseto where you can enjoy your stay between nature and sport. Indeed you can practice many sports from kitesurfing to kayaking, rent a boat to deep fishing or just to explore nearby coast. When you chose to stay on land, you can organize a bike or horse ride, accoding to your preferences. In Punta Ala there is neither lack of nightlife, both beachclubs and disco are fully organized with DJ sets.

For more info visit the official tourism website of Tuscany

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Ristorante Il Cantuccio, Porto di Scarlino

The terrace overlooking the sea, the use of seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and the fervent fantasy of the Chef are not enough to build a culinary experience. The family management of the Il Cantuccio restaurant offers their guests a kitchen based on Meditterranen flavors with detailed treatement. An available service that, with sympathy, will be able to guide you in the knowledge of our splendid Tuscan territory.

Reservation is welcome and recommended.

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Kartodromo di Marina di Cecina, Tuscany

It's called Pista del Mare and it was born from the passion of two friends, Marco Cini Gokart's pilot in the 125 category ICC and Rossano Granchi. In addition to organizing sports races, karts are rented for company competitions and competitions among friends, for celibacy farewell party or single participations.

For more information visit their website

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Panoramic tour of Conero

Admire the Conero and its beaches from a different prospective. Don't miss the spectacular show of the Conero costaline seen from the sea accompanied by the guiding voice of the commander who will tell you the history and legends linked to these fascinating places.

For more info visit the official website

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Deep fishing in Numana

Fishing is one of the oldest activities in the world and fascinates many of us the idea of living the sea in a different and sustainable way; or you are a passionate fisherman.. Numana, a few kilometers from Ancona, is the right place for you, you can in fact start at boarding a true fishboat to go fishing out together with the fishermen and share with them the sea environment, the stories of the sea and of course of the fish.

For more info visit the offical website

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Marmore waterfalls

Marmore waterfalls are located near Terni and are formed by the Velino and Nera waters. With its 165m, on three levels, is the highest artificial fall in Europe and one of the most high in the world. The area of the Marmore waterfalls has visitors paths, an Enviroment Educational Center and public services. At its base are practiced sports like rafting and so forth.

For more information visit their website

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Festa di San Francesco

It is an annual feast held in Assisi (Perugia) from 24th September to 4th October commemorating Saint Francesco, saint patron of Italy. Throughout the festival religious celebrations and cultural entertainment are featured. 4th October is the day Saint Francesco passed away.

For more information visit the official website

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Kites of Castiglione del Lago

For more information visit the offical website

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

The Spaghetti alla Carbonara are a traditional recipe from Rome, that includes guanciale, pecorino cheese, eggs e pepper.

For more information visit their website

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Costiera amalfitana

Amalfi, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast presents to tourists as a fantastic place where you can enjoy beautiful walks along the characteristic alleys and visit the famous Cathedral as well as admiring the beautiful beaches. From Amalfi you can use private and public means of transfer for your excursions to the Amalfi Coast, visiting the most beautiful and inaccessible places.

For more information visit the official website website

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Festa di San Gennaro

It is an annual celebration held in Naples every 19th September for three days commemorating Saint Gennaro, saint patron of the city. Throughout the festival, parades and musical entertainment are featured. The focus of the celebration is the miracle of San Gennaro's blood melting, also simply known as the miracle of San Gennaro. If the blood melts it is said Naples can expect some good happenings otherwise catastrophes could hit the neighborhood.

For more info visit Naples official guide

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